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Golf Carts in Chesapeake Beach

Golf carts a​​re illegal on public roads except in five specific neighborhoods within Virginia Beach. The city references Chesapeake Beach as two neighborhoods: the West Side (Chubb Lake, west of Pleasure House Road) and the East Side of Chesapeake Beach (Chesapeake Bay, east of Northampton Blvd). The other three neighborhoods are Heron Ridge Estates, Lago-Mar and Ashville Park.

Golf carts that are not registered through the DMV are not allowed to be driven on Pleasure House Road or Lookout Road. Citations are often given to golf cart drivers on these streets.

Golf carts driven between sunset and sunrise should be equip with proper headlights and break lights.

Golf carts are held to the same parking standards as cars; do not park on sidewalks and pay attention to NO PARKING signs as they apply to golf carts and citations are often given to golf carts parked in areas that do not allow vehicle parking.

To read the complete ordinance, along with the specific str​eets in each neighborhood, please see the attached article. The complete list of codes and ordinances for Virginia Beach can be found online at Municipal Codes. ​ ​​​


Virginia Beach City Municipal Codes (specific to golf carts in Chesapeake Beach)

Virginia Beach Municipal Codes (complete list)

Virginia State Code

WEST SIDE (Chubb Lake, West of Pleasure House Road)
Beaufort Avenue, West Chubb Lake Avenue, Chubb Lake Avenue, Lauderdale Avenue (4800-5100 Blocks), Athens Boulevard, Creek Cove Court, Sunny
 Circle, Bradpointe Lane, Leatherneck Road, Lookout Road (4800-4900 Blocks), Bradford Point, Bayview Avenue, Guy Avenue, Ocean View Avenue (4900 Block), Lee Avenue (4800 Block), Zivo Court and Lake Drive (4800 Block);


EAST SIDE (East of Northampton Boulevard)
Ocean View Avenue, Lauderdale Avenue, Pleasure Avenue, Guam Street, Lee Avenue, Cornet Avenue, Lake Drive, Fentress Avenue, Seaview Avenue, Mortons Road and Lee Court.

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