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Chesapeake Beach Etiquette

There are rules pretty much everywhere, so it should come as no surprise that there are rules about behavior at our beaches, as well. The ultimate goal of any regulations around beach activities is to keep the area clean and safe while allowing everyone equal enjoyment of the beach.

Chesapeake Beach is nestled in heart of our neighborhood. If you are visiting, please note that there are no public bathrooms and "going" in someone's yard or in public is prohibited. There are several restaurants in the area with restrooms available to patrons.

We are a family-friendly beach, so please keep your bathing suit on at all times. Changing in public, public nudity (including skinny dipping), obscene displays or indecent exposure are all off-limits.

So what’s prohibited on the beach?

  • Glass containers
  • Alcohol
  • Public intoxication
  • Littering
  • Fires, including grills
  • Sleeping overnight
  • Electric or motorized vehicles
  • Riding horses on the beaches or dunes

Dogs on the Beach

Four-legged family members are welcome to enjoy the beach, but there are very strict guidelines. Should you bring your dog, and not follow the guidelines, rest assured a neighbor will remind you and you may receive a citation from one of the dedicated 3rd precinct officers who patrol Chic's Beach and keep our neighborhood safe.

  • Dogs are not allowed to be unleashed on the beach at any time unless they are under direct command (reliable voice command and recall) of their owners and do not approach/disturb other beachgoers or other dogs. If your dog is likely to approach another dog or a human, you are required to have your furry friend on a leash.
  • Dogs are only allowed on the beach BEFORE 10am and AFTER 6pm during the summer "season", which is strictly defined as beginning 6:00 pm the Friday before Memorial Day through 6:00 pm on Labor Day. (City code 6‐5)
  • During the off season (beginning 6:00 pm on Labor Day until 6:00 pm the Friday before Memorial Day) dogs are allowed to enjoy the beach any time of day (leash laws still apply).
  • It is unlawful to allow any pet to defecate on any public sand beach. Dog owners must carry a container of sufficient size and adequate design to remove and dispose of all feces, should an accident happen. Trash cans are provided at every public beach entrance.
  • PLEASE NOTE that service animals are exempt from these prohibitions under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA. Please carry proper identification for your service animal while on the beach.


City of Virginia Beach General Guidelines and Rules 

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